Visiting an Old Friend

We’re in Texas now and right along our path sat an old friend – our former trawler Choices. Mike Massingill bought her last summer, drove her to Texas & has been working on her ever since. She was a solid, pretty boat but Mike is making her gleam. He has powder coated the mast, scrapped & varnished the stairs, wheel, compass, and various other components. Inside she has new rugs, and total new upholstery both inside and out. Mike has many more jobs on his to-do list before heading to the FL Keys this summer. It was fun catching up with Mike, visiting our old friend, and seeing how owners prioritize jobs differently.


Choices’ loves her new covered dock space.


Choices’ new owner Mike Massingill, and his dog on the dock.


Choices’ gleaming new cushions & interior decor.


Two old salts discussing boating.

3 thoughts on “Visiting an Old Friend

  1. You guys could be brothers. Looking forward to your travels. Keep safe – Bill and and Newland. Maybe if you ever get to the NJ coast you will be able to come and dock in our back yard. They are suppose to deepen the lagoons, etc. Rich and Sue when they came could not come to visit because of the depth. Take care.

  2. Tell Mike (and his dog) that the ‘new’ Choices’ crew is welcome to stop here on the way to the Keys. 🙂 You two may remember that Choices was the first boat at my new docks in November 2013.


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